It’s natural to want to find out more about a coach or consultant you have met or found online. Skye View was founded by Shirley Haggarty, here’s what some of those who have worked with her have to say about her impact as a coach and what she is known for as an HR executive

Impact as a coach…

Growth as a leader

“A turning point for me was when I began managing a large organization. My challenges were no longer issue specific, but instead leadership/relationship related. The journey was overwhelming, and complicated by the scope and scale of the business. After a year of struggling, I engaged Shirley as an executive coach and immediately benefited. She exceled at listening and supporting my journey. She had a keen ability to help me look in the mirror at myself which ultimately allowed me to embrace where I was at, and move toward being the leader I aspired to be”
Market President, TD Bank

Increased self awareness

“There are few individuals that you come across in life that truly have a lasting impact. Shirley has an ability and presence like no other; her thoughtful approach to coaching is unparalleled. A coach, a mentor, a trusted advisor; someone who will both challenge you and support you. Shirley’s ability to hone in on your ‘real need,’ help you to self-discover, and realize your full potential cannot be overstated”
Retail Leader, TD Bank, Massachusetts

Improved relationships

“My goal was to enhance my working relationships with my corporate partners. I often struggled to ‘self-regulate’ as my propensity was to get emotionally charged… we engaged in an exercise to gather feedback in the form of an executive presence assessment … by being aware of my motivations and impact on others, I was able to make great strides toward being a better partner; and perspective on what actually matters.  I found out that relationships were not simply a necessary component to my success, but actually the reason for my success”
Market President, TD Bank

Bigger picture thinking

“Shirley is a dynamic executive coach. She challenges your thinking, helps you to see the big picture and encourages you to lean into your capabilities. Trust and confidentiality are extremely important in an executive coach and Shirley demonstrates that with excellence”
HR Leader, Travelers Insurance, Connecticut

Increased confidence

“Shirley helped me to showcase my strengths and accomplishments when I was seeking a new role. Her leadership and wealth of experience came through in her coaching; her encouragement and support boosted my self confidence. Shirley asked insightful questions which helped me focus on what was important to me. She willingly shared her knowledge, and challenged me to consider other perspectives. I highly recommend her”
Risk Leader, Financial Services, New York City

Easy to work with

“I realized that Shirley was not like other executive coaches. She did not strictly follow a rule book that she deemed was right for me – she allowed me to set the guardrails and define my own process and goals. While she was structured in her approach, her methods were invisible to me and instead woven into the fabric of what I wanted to achieve”
Entrepreneur, Maine

Known for as an HR executive…

Respected and can be relied upon to deliver

“Shirley is nothing short of remarkable, she has the respect and admiration of everyone she comes into contact with. She is not only incredibly adept at developing and implementing creative strategies, she is also very strong on execution. One of her greatest strengths is her ability to anticipate, she considers all stakeholders in any endeavor, and is sought out for advice and counsel. I trust her completely to offer objective advice. Whilst she is not afraid to disagree, her delivery is such that it is very easy to understand her perspective and recommendations. She is the most talented Human Resources executive I have ever worked with and more importantly one of the nicest”
Regional President, TD Bank

A trusted advisor and effective influencer

“I had the pleasure of working on Shirley’s team and can say without a doubt, she is one of the most talented HR leaders around. She is a trusted advisor to the business, impactful mentor, and is the most authentic person I have worked with. Her instincts are excellent and the style in which she counsels leaders is very hard to find. Leaders develop and achieve things far beyond expectations making her an invaluable resource. Shirley has helped me develop my own skills as an influencer and strategic business partner. I’m extremely thankful for the positive impact she has had on me, both professionally and personally. I highly recommend Shirley!”
HR Leader, Hologic, Massachusetts

A developer of people

“I had the privilege of working in Shirley’s team for four years, which I have come to understand was an incredible once in a lifetime opportunity. She was able to help my career in dramatic ways. Shirley has the unique and amazing talent of maximizing the full potential of people and organizations.  She is a powerful and effective coach who helps you uncover strengths and wisdom you didn’t know you had! I would highly recommend Shirley for anyone looking to take themselves or their business to the next level”
Retail Leader, TD Bank, Cape Cod

A skilled coach

“Shirley is a fabulous coach and has taught our teams more than I could have ever imagined… they are now conversant with ‘how do you know that to be true?’ and ‘may I share an observation with you?’… I still remember my first meeting with her 10+years ago, with no concept of how my life would be adjusted… her coaching, guidance and wisdom have positively impacted my career and personal brand”
Market President, Commercial, TD Bank

A trusted confidant

“I had the honor of working with Shirley for 3 years. After our first meeting, I quickly realized that Shirley would be more than a partner. I looked forward to our meetings, she immediately became a trusted confidant, focused on helping me improve and develop my skills as a leader and coach. In addition, she helped me to share those skills with members of my team. Shirley is exceptionally creative and led many projects that helped to teach and reinforce leadership skills. At every engagement, Shirley was thoughtfully prepared, her communication skills promoted self discovery, and her ability to lead on topics of Coaching, Leadership, Executive Presence, had everyone wanting more with genuine anticipation of the next meeting”
Market President, TD Bank

Trusted and inspirational

“Shirley devotes herself to inspire people to reach their maximum potential. She has had a significant impact on my professional career growth, she is patient, trustworthy and inspirational“
Retail Leader, TD Bank, Connecticut

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